Diogo Baldaia

Diogo Baldaia was born in Oporto in 1992. He studied Directing and Cinematography at Lisbon Theatre and Film School (ESTC), in Lisbon, and did a Master’s degree in Fine Arts (Video) at KASK (Ghent, Belgium). He works professionally as Assistant Director and Editior. His previous films “Fury” (2013) and “Vulto” (2014) were screened in international festivals such as IndieLisboa, Doclisboa and Curtas de Vila do Conde and in other exhibitions in Canada, China and Austria. His last film “Mirage My Bros” (2017) won the prize for Best Portuguese Shortfilm at Indielisboa 17’ and the prize for Best Film in the Fiction and Documentary Competition at VIS Vienna Shorts Film Festival, and it circulated in national and international festivals such as International Film Festival Rotterdam, Entrevues Belfort, among others. In 2017 he established the cinema production company Areosa. He is currently finishing his film “Destiny Deluxe” and preparing his first feature film.