Depth Wish

Margarida Albino

Experimental / 8mm / 11'' / 2021

In an attempt to escape the entire flow to which she is exposed, M goes in search of a place – the sea and its beings – that sets her free from time and can give herself pleasure, but is constantly infected and interrupted by phenomena that affect her and alter her perception.

With Camilla Flora Prey Directing and Editing Margarida Albino Cinematography Margarida Albino Image Assistants Ana Almeida, Stephanie Kyek, Julia Nogueira Sound Margarida Albino Assistant Editor Miguel Tavares Synthetic Sounds Ricardo Guerreiro


PRODUCTION AR-CO, Margarida Albino Distribution Terratreme Filmes

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Best Experimental Film at the National Competition - Porto Femme, Portugal'22


Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival, Portugal'21
IndieLisboa — Festival Internacional de Cinema, Portugal'21
FEST — New Directors New Films Festival, Portugal'21
Festival Vista Curta'21
Entre Olhares - Portuguese Film Festival, Portugal'21
Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal'21
Festival International du Film à Marseille, France'22
La Fête du Slip - Gender and Sexualities Festival, Switzerland'22
Festival du Film de Fesses, France'22
Porto Femme, Portugal'22
Exground filmfest, Alemanha'22
Experiments in Cinema, USA'23
Bideodromo Festival, Espanha'23
Kinoskop, Serbia'23


Social Service Clube - Copenhagen, Denmark
KWIA - Berlin, Germany
SMUP Parede [Nariz Entupido], Portugal
Galeria GAAT, Lisbon, Portugal
Matters of Being [Instruments Inventors, Den Haag]
ZonneKlopper (Collective artistic exposition)
Novocine (VOD)
FilmIn (VOD)