Nameless Heitor

Vasco Saltão

Fiction / 16mm / 30' / 2022

“I’ve been on this cliff for almost a year, here on the lookout. Always aware of the sea and the enemy, even though I’ve never seen him.”
The man riding a horse gave me a new order, to be even more on alert, waiting for a mirage, for a ghost that will not come.

With Isaac Graça, Afonso Molinar, Gustavo Sumpta, João Nunes Monteiro, Zsófia Tettamanti, Melinda Stouten Script and Directing Vasco Saltão Cinematography Vasco Viana Sound Olivier Blanc Production Design Ana Meleiro Editing Francisco Moreira, Vasco Saltão Sound Editing António Porém Pires, Miguel Cabral Sound Mix Tiago Matos Colorist Andreia Bertini, Vasco Viana


Sales Agent Portuguese Short Film Agency


Curtas de Vila do Conde, Portugal'22
Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal'22
Mar Film Festival, Portugal'22
Imagens no Tejo - Mostra de Cinema Português, Portugal'23
Dili International Film Festival, East Timor'23
BIII Festival of Moving image, Germany'23
Entre Olhares, Portugal'23
Lublin Film Festival, Poland'23
Laceno d´Oro Film Festival, Italy'23