About us

TERRATREME is a film production house created in 2008 that came out of the urge of a few young filmmakers to find a production model that could suit the different forms, scales and time frames in which their own films were made. Our goal was to articulate research and creation in a work method where each film’s needs would determine the production model.
Like the homonymous film by Visconti — where a group of fishermen unites to buy a boat and stop depending on the ship-owner that hired them — it was high time for us to acknowledge that production is a fundamental aesthetic variable in the way a film turns out. We believe that only direct intervention of the directors in the global conception of the production plan and budget can contribute to generate the desired results.
Currently working with a large and diverse group of filmmakers, TERRATREME has one of the strongest presences, among Portuguese production companies, in major film festivals around the world (Cannes, Berlin, Locarno, Nyon, Marseille, Rotterdam, San Sebastian, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Chicago, New York, Toronto), all while expanding
its activities through international co-productions (Brazil, France, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Bulgaria, Cape Verde, Argentina, Chile)