TERRATREME is a production company founded in 2000 that combines the experience of its six associates. Five of them are film directors and one is the main producer of TERRATREME. This allows a high volume of work, as well as a richness in the production of each film. TERRATREME has worked in films presented, distributed and prized all around the world, with renowned directors such as Jorge Silva Melo, Margarida Gil or Raúl Ruiz. Terratreme’s team structure also holds fixed personal in specific areas such as production, distribution, communication, finances and post production.

Depending on the production design and requirements of each project, we look for different partners with common values and work ethics to work with, in order to establish an array of co-productions and wider distribution. We’ve co-produced films with a variety of countries and companies, such as France (Gaijin, Cinema de Facto), Brazil (AnaVilhana, Pela Madrugada, Desvia), Switzerland (Mira Films), Bulgary (Portokal), Japan (Flying Pillow) or Cape Verde (O2), having worked with directors such as Valérie Massadian or Marília Rocha.

Our films are regularly present on major international festivals such as Cannes, Berlinale, Locarno, Rotterdam, FID Marseille, Rio de Janeiro, CPH:DOX, Valdivia, BAFICI, usually having an extent life in the film festival circuit on the five continents. We also make strong efforts to release films commercially in cinema theaters, both nationally and abroad, as in the case of the multi-prized LACRAU, by João Vladimiro, distributed in Portugal, France and Switzerland. We also work on the distribution for TV, both for cable and public channels and other video platforms, namely VOD, with such partners as DocAliance or UniversCiné. We have also commercially released in dvd some of our feature and short films.

Although our main focus are films for cinema distribution, we’ve produced some films intended for tv broadcast, as the four part scientific documentary TRACKING THE NATURALISTS or the fictional TV series URB. Our films, specially the documentaries, give a specific focus and point of view on the themes treated, resulting in cinema proposals that can appeal both to a specialized public but also to a wider audience.”