Amor Fati

Cláudia Varejão

Documentary / HD / 102' / 2020

Amor Fati seeks out parts that complete each other. These are portraits of couples, friends, families and pets and their owners. They share the intimacy of daily life, habits, beliefs, tastes and even some physical traits. From their faces, from the choreography of their gestures, we unveil the story that binds them. Drawn from everyday life, right before our eyes the film portrays a chorus of affection and the collective memory of a country, evoking Aristophanes’ speech in Plato’s Symposium: Do you desire to be wholly one; always day and night to be in one another’s company? For if this is what you desire, I am ready to melt you into one and let you grow together, so that being two you shall become one?

Directing and Cinematography Cláudia Varejão Sound Cláudia Varejão, Takashi Sugimoto, Adriana Bolito Editing João Braz, Cláudia Varejão Sound Editing Elsa Ferreira Sound Design Daniel Almada, Elsa Ferreira Sound Mix Hugo Leitão, Daniel Almada Colorist Paulo Américo Design llhas Producers João Matos - Terratreme Filmes, Vadim Jendreyko - Mira Film, Jérôme Blesson - La Belle Affaire


CO-PRODUCTION Mira Film, La Belle Affaire

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Press CISION - Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal'20
Best Editing - Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal'20
Melhor Sound - Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal'20
Basler FilmPreis, Switzerland'20
Jean-Loup Passek Prize - Best Portuguese Documentary - MDOC'21
Public Award for Best Film - Festival Primavera do Cine, Spain'22
Juryy Award for Best Film - Festival Primavera do Cine, Spain'22


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Open-Air à Fribourg, Switzerland '20
Doclisboa, Portugal'20
Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal'20
Solothurner Filmtage - Journées de Soleure, Switzerland'21
ethnocineca – International Documentary Film Festival Vienna, Austria'21
CPH:DOX, Denmkar’21
Bergamo Film Meeting, Italy21
Festival Microclima, Portugal'21
Shanghai International Film Festival, China'21
BioBioCine, Festival Internacional de Cine de Concepción, Chile '21
Rotterdam International Film Festival, Netherlands'21
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