‘’Atlas Almada’’ is a cinema workshop produced by Terratreme Films, with the objective of teaching cinema, in a collective context, through a series of professional and artistic meetings. It is about creating a space to listen, create and think about the images that shape our reality.

Each participant will be invited to make a movie or participate in a colleague’s movie in a role that suits their interests (image, sound, editing or even as an actor). The workshop is destined to residents of Monte da Caparica, Almada.

Mutual support and team spirit are the foundation of our workshop!

The workshops will take place twice a week, in 3-hour sessions. In these meetings, you will have the possibility of learning how a movie gets made, from scriptwriting, to image, sound, editing, actor directing or art direction.

The training is free of charge and there will be cinema gear available (image, sound and editing), as well as a permanent team to support the development and production of the movies; professional encounters and directors who will share their work.

Invited directors:
Basil da Cunha
Falcão Nhaga

Permanent support team:
Ana Eliseu
Luís M. Correia
Raquel Rolim
Sara Folhas
Susana Nobre

In Monte da Caparica, in the space 3 Vales (from Centro Social Paroquial do Cristo Rei), in Praceta António Gião nº 1.

Cinema Workshop –
18th of September – 15th of November*

Shooting, Editing and Post-Production of the Workshop movies –
December 2024 – January 2025

Exhibition of the movies –
February 2025

*the schedules will be decided along the participants, to better suit everyone’s necessities.

More information and applications:
@atlas.almada no Instagram
Atlas Almada no Facebook
+351 937266421

The project ‘’Atlas Almada’’ is supported by Comunidades em Comunidades em Ação, Câmara Municipal de Almada, Área Metropolitana de Lisboa, PRR – Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência, NextGenerationEU and the partnership with Centro Social e Paroquial Cristo Rei.