Edgar Feldman

Edgar Feldman (60 years old) is mainly known for editing, since the 90’s, several Portuguese cinema movies. He was the editor of Paulo Rocha’s last four feature films, several documentaries by Rui Simões, a short film by Rita Azevedo Gomes, but also the editor of the films of this new generation of internationally awarded filmmakers such as João Salaviza, João Viana and Pedro Pinho.
He has been continuously making documentaires for RTP since the 90’s. In recent years he has filmed several stories of the daily resistance to Portuguese fascism with the protagonists who are still alive. He won the prize for the best Portuguese short documentary at the DocLisboa’08 Festival with “Segredo”.
In 2002, he directed the feature film “Querença”, in 2004 the short film “Lianor” and the documentary “O Guardador de Rebanhos” in 2000, all produced by Paulo Rocha’s now defunct Suma Filmes, now owned by the Portuguese Cinemateca.