Joana Frazão

Joana Frazão (Lisbon, 1980) has a degree in Communication Sciences at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, New University of Lisbon and a masters degree in English Studies in the Faculty of Arts, University of Lisbon, where she currently attends the doctorate in Comparative Studies with a thesis on film and museum. She participated in the course of Ateliers Varan documentary of Gulbenkian, where she made ALL GIRLS ARE BAILARINAS, and worked as an assistant director on two documentaries by Jorge Silva Melo. Co-directed with Raquel Marques the documentaries THE HOUSE THAT I WANT and ALL THE DAYS OF OUR LIFE. Together with Ana Eliseu directed the short-films CINEMA HISTORY and AMOR À VIDA. She is part of the Doc’s Kingdom team – International Seminar on Documentary Film, where she’s responsible for supporting texts and the site, with Ana Eliseu. She joined the United Artists reading committee and regularly works as a translator, especially for theatre.