Maria Mire

Documentary / HD / 82' / 2023

In order to think about current practices of political dissidence, we dive into the past and into the experience of a young artist. Invited to go clandestine in Portugal in the second half of the 20th century, Margarida Tengarrinha played an important role in the antifascist resistance, becoming a document forger for political militancy reasons. Through temporal anachronism, CLANDESTINA is like a letter to a time to come, a premonition of the tragic possibility that History is repeating itself.

With Kim Ostrowskij, Rafael Costa, Salomé Saltão, Joana Levi and Ciço Silveira, Dayana Lucas, petra.preta With Maria Mire ASSISTANT DIRECTOR AND DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Miguel Tavares 1ST IMAGE ASSISTANT Margarida Albino 2ND IMAGE ASSISTANT Giulia ANGRISANI Sound and Music Ricardo Guerreiro Production Manager Madalena Fragoso Production Design Maria Mire Editing Luisa Homem VISUAL EFFECTS AND COLOR CORRECTION Ana Vala Sound Mix Hugo Leitão IMAGE POST PRODUCTION Gonçalo Ferreira / Irmã Lúcia Design Dayana Lucas


"A Voz das Mulheres" Award - Porto Femme, Portugal'24


DocLisboa, Portugal'23
ARCA, Montemor, Portugal ´23
Porto Femme, Portugal'24


Algarcine, Portimão'24
Cineclube de Santarém - Teatro Sá da Bandeira, Santarém'24
Terraço Geral / Rua Luciano Cordeiro, Lisboa'24