Destiny Deluxe

Diogo Baldaia

Fiction / HD / 30' / 2019

Two young women share a city that carries the weight of broken expectations and tough absencies. Chloé, from São Paulo, was hoping to find a place to do her own work. Dealing with anxiety, she keeps connected with her followers on social media. Bianca is back to her town for some days, only to find the living shadow of a loss. As reality fails to them, borders start to get thiner and Destiny creates a virtual space made of memories, melancholy and occasions that take over to a point it all gets absorved.

With João Pacola, Karen Tribess, Maura Carneiro Directing Diogo Baldaia Script Diogo Baldaia, Maura Carneiro Cinematography Leonardo Simões Sound Rafael Cardoso, Tomé Palmeirim Production Design Maura Carneiro Editing Diogo Baldaia, Maura Carneiro Sound Editing and Mix Rafael Cardoso Colorist Rita Lamas Special Effects Irmã Lúcia Executive Producer Celeste Alves Production Manager Joana Carneiro Reis




Curtas Vila do Conde'19
Glasgow Short Film Festival'20
17th Film Festival of Brive'20
36. Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg'20
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen'20
Kino Otok - Isola Ciname Internacional FF, Eslovenia'20
Cormorán Film Fest, Spain'20
La Cabina International Film Festival, Spain'20
Entre Olhares - Mostra de Cinema Português, Portugal'20
Caminhos do Cinema Português, Portugal'20
3in1 Film Fest, Portugal’20
Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival, Romenia'20
Pori Film Festival, Finland'20
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival, Spain'20
Dhaka International Film Festival, Bangladesh'22