It Would Have Been Simple

Susana Nobre

Fiction / DV / 14' / 2005

They thought life would have been simple. All obligations and problems involved in material life would find a natural solution. Each morning, it would be nice to seat at the kitchen table. After a shower and before getting dressed, they would have breakfast. On the table there would be butter, pots of candy and toasts. It would be early. It would be the beginning of a long day of work.

Cinematography Susana Nobre, Rodrigo Peixoto Sound João Matos Editing Susana Nobre, Luís Miguel Correia Sound Editing Nuno Morão Sound Mix António Lopes Colorist Andreia Bertini Producers João Matos


IndieLisboa - Festival Internacional de Cinema Independente de Lisboa, Portugal '06
Arouca Film Festival - Portuguese International Film Festival, Portugal '06
Programa de Itinerância Cinematográfica, ICA/MC, Portugal '06
Cent Soliel - d'Autres Images de Cinema - Quartier Documentaire #3 Cinéma Portugais, France '08
Panorama - Mostra do Documentário Português, Portugal '08
FFFilm Project - Family Fiction Film Project, Portugal '13