Andrey Paounov

Fiction / HD / 110' / 2021

In the midst of nowhere, five men are stuck in a snowstorm. One has to cross the Woods to reach town, but that’s insane in the midst of winter: the road is snowed over, you can get lost and freeze, the wolves are hungry and can be heard howling all night long, and who knows what other creatures roam these woods….

With Samuel Finci, Iossif Sarchadiev, Zachary Baharov, Svetoslav Stoyanov, Leonid Yovchev, Borislav Chouchkov Directing Andrey M Paounov Script Alex Barrett, Andrey M Paounov Cinematography Vasco Viana Editing Victoria Radoslavova, Anastas Petkov, Francisco Moreira Producers Vanya Rainova, Svetoslav Stoyanov Associate Producers João Matos, Leonor Noivo, Luisa Homem, Pedro Pinho, Susana Nobre, Tiago Hespanha, Elis Andre, Donatto Rotuno Music Ivo Paunov


PRODUCTION Portokal CO-PRODUCTION Terratreme Filmes, Tarantula


Special Award of the Jury - Golden Rose Bulgarian Fiction Film Festival'21
The Critics’ Guild Award - Golden Rose Bulgarian Fiction Film Festival'21
Best Director - Sofia International Film Festival, Bulgaria'22


Black Nights International Film Festival in Talinn, Estonia'21
Golden Rose Bulgarian Fiction Film Festival, Bulgaria'21
Sofia International Film festival, Bulgaria'22
GoEast Film Festival, Weisbaden, Germany'22
Days of European Film, Poland'22
Mammoth Lakes Film festival, USA'22
Golden Linden International Film Festival, Bulgaria'22