Jotta: my maladresse is a way of delicatesse

Salomé Lamas

Francisco Moreira

Documentary / / 70' / 2009

How to represent an artistic intention without reducing it to a description?
How to do it preserving the intentionality of the gestus in an ambiguous andsubjective space where the individualism of the artistic perspective is set.
“my maladresse…” proposes a viewpoint over Ana Jotta’s universe. An analogous portrait of her relations as an artist is created, setting parallel questions, as hermeneutics possibility and art as a value system. The link relating the trio (artist and director’s deuce) balances between familiarity, master and apprentice, subject and object; the distance and authority of the one behind the camera spreading light around artisticurgencies concerning how Work and Life overlay in this unquiet chase of the greater purpose: a search for consolation in the holy_burlesque of existential functionalism.
A documental laboratory of reflexive limits.


DocLisboa, Portugal '09
Festival Temps d'Images , Portugal '10
Festival de Cine de Bogotá, Colômbia '10
Panorama - Mostra do Documentário Português, Portugal '10
Documentário Português, Portugal '10