Susana Nascimento Duarte

Documentary / HD / 30' / 2024

Children experience their last summer in kindergarten. The close observation of their faces, movements, gestures, reveals the day-to-day life of the kindergarten, but, at the same time, suspends it. Another time erupts, that of the rhythms, affections and emotions proper to any childhood, as it might be suggested by cinema itself through the affinities it shares with children’s perception and their exploratory way of seeing and discovering the world. A ‘science-fiction’ movie blends with footage shot by the children themselves in the space of the kindergarten, and it turns out to be a dreamt movie that encompasses the entire film.

Directing Susana Nascimento Duarte Editing Luís Miguel Correia, Susana Nascimento Duarte Sound Editing and Mix Cláudia Sul Tiago Matos Colorist Mafalda Aleixo


Cinemateca - Ciclo Antestreias, Lisbon'24