Latter-Day Saints

Leonor Noivo

Documentary / Mini-DV / 58' / 2009

They walk in pairs; they go door to door and visit the homes of those who wish to listen. They discuss matters of faith, family, demureness, religion and being. Their quest is personal, it is about proving themselves, an initiation that lasts for the two-year period they spend away from home. The Elders and the Sisters, young Mormon missionaries, leave their country, study a different language and culture and become immersed in a spirit of mission. They aspire to be role models for the perfect boys and girls.

Directing Leonor Noivo Cinematography Leonor Noivo Sound Joana Pinho Neves, Isabel Dias Martins Editing Telmo Churro Sound Mix António Lopes Production Manager Natália Alves


Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Portugal '09
IndieLisboa - Festival Internacional de Cinema Independente de Lisboa, Portugal '09
Religion Today Film Festival - International Festival of Cinema, Religion and Society, Italy '09
Festival Tous En Scène, France '09
Mostra Internacional do Filme Etnográfico Brasil, Brazil '09
Cineclube de Faro, Portugal '10
Galeria Quadrum, Portugal '11
Retrospectiva do Cinema Português-Varsóvia, Poland '11
Geraldine, Portugal '11
Fnac Portugal, Several Screenings between 2009 and 2011
Auditorio Municipal Moita, Portugal '12
RTP 2 – Rádio e Televisão Nacional Portuguesa, Portugal '10


Cineclube de Faro [faro]
Galeria Quadrum [lisboa]
Auditório Municipal Moita [setúbal]