Eva Ângelo

Filmmaker and editor.

Eva was born in Caldas da Rainha where she begins her formation in drawing. She then moved to Porto where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Photography and a degree in Light and Sound Design from Escola Superior de Música. She also studied Graphic Design and Multimedia at the Centro de Formação Alquimia da Cor in Porto. Later on she gets a Master’s degree in Anthropology – Visual Cultures from the FCSH, in Lisbon.

In formal and non-formal education she worked in editing and image (2000 to 2018). She collaborated with the Apordoc Educational Program at Doclisboa in 2013, and at Panorama in 2014.

Eva has been working with image and video since 1999, directing and editing, mainly in collaboration with Performing Arts creators. Since 2008 her interest in documentary has led her into the field of ethnographic survey. As a documentary maker, she highlights her perspective centered on both people and places, as well as on her approach to where each art project reveals its creative process. She began her main research on the dramaturgy and creative processes in the performing arts. More recently, her fieldwork has been focused on the discussion of educational practices, on how cinema is received by the public, and on the role of the spectator.

She is the author of the Unhewn [65′ doc. 2005]; My lime leg [3” doc. 2006]; Secret Texts [23” doc. 2006]; Unformed [21” doc. 2007]; Trees [71” doc. 2008]; Mute/Change [17” doc. 2009]; Water [84” doc. 2010]; Flight [47” doc. 2017]; Maria Teresa Street | Circunvalação | Apartado 40 [Triptych 55′ | 212′ | 30′ doc. 2018]; A Community [125” doc. 2019]; On a windy day, you throw it in the air [80” doc. 2019]; Spectators, “how long do works of art last?” [147” doc. 2020]
Vimeo https://vimeo.com/user13377087

  • Address

    Documentary / HD / 86' / 2022

  • Water

    Documentary / DVCAM / 84' / 2010