Margarida Albino

Margarida Albino is a multidisciplinary artist based in Brussels. Her journey started with cinema/moving image and film celluloid practice – 1⁄2 member of Espiral Laboratory, a portuguese Super8 Film Developing Lab – where she developed her 1st experimental film – Depth Wish – internationally screened and awarded as Best Experimental Film in the National Competition of Porto Femme Festival 22. She has worked on many film shoots in many roles but mostly as a sound engineer/boom op or sound designer. Because of her interest in sound, electroacoustic music and live performance she took the One-Year Course in the Institute of Sonology allowing her to make both DIY and ‘around electricity’ experiences as well as computer music (coding) experiments – as taking part in ensembles and performative collaborations. In Portugal she often makes hidden “happenings” with the IBIZA67 collective, slowly passing to digital too. Recently she is working (and researching at ERG) on intermediating these practices using different mediums in the form of fanzines, installations and performances, also in a collaborative way.